Selecting Winning Dissertation Topics

The main problem that most students face when doing a dissertation is finding a dissertation topic. First, you must out in-kind how many researches are there that are in line with a particular topic that you also want to study is the topic that you want to talk about a little shallow so that you can improve on the content in it. You have to consider many things like advancing the topic and changing something about that topic. It seems like a lot of work to do. If you feel it is a little hard, don’t hesitate to get help from friends, professors, or even the internet. But one thing about the internet is that you must get credible sources, and Rank My Service will help you choose the right helpers. You should keep in mind that your doctorate is waiting for you when you finish this process of dissertation writing. 

Finding a topic

There are very many methods that you as a student can decide to use. Not all these methods will work for you. Some will work for you, but they will work for another individual. You see, when you are carrying out this research, topics cannot just come from anywhere. But they need you to do further and very extensive research on the kind of topic you need to do. 

You can also look at the following tips that you will use when selecting a topic.

  • Interests

When you get a topic that you have too much interest in, writing becomes a little easier. Make sure you put in the career. Include what you will do for your life and in life. Think about how your topic will positively impact the society that will read your work. 

  • Previous topics

Have you done a research paper beforehand? Did it stand out? Is it something that you will like to take further? Now for this section, you need to go back to your professor. Find out if that particular topic is meeting the standards that you need. Always when carrying your researches, don’t forget to consult with your professors. It is not good to do things alone.

  • Current theories

What are the trending thugs in your Field of study? Are they new things that you think you can explore for the next step? As the latest theories exist, it is easier to make your work bigger. 

  • Ask Google

You have tried all the methods that you know on getting a topic. Make sure you also try to ask Google. You never know you will find your thesis there. But make sure you look for credible sources. It is because there are so many sources online these false days. Be careful when looking for a thesis online. And immediately you have got your thesis, be sure to consult with your professors. And find if that is what you want to do.

  • Recommendations from other dissertations

Dissertations that students have written before also have some recommendations that you can use and look at when you need to find a topic for your dissertation. It means you can go and look for other people’s dissertations that you can find interest in. And further, research them. 


With these tips, you can now look for a topic that suits you. What do you need to do? Next is to find the literature that is in line with what you are you are discussing. 

There are some things that you need to consider before selecting a topic. Get a topic that you interest in. The interest must be for the long-term.

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