How Long is a PhD Dissertation?

Most of the work students do in the university is writing dissertation. Writing a thesis when doing a Ph.D. degree dissertation is hard for some students. So this will bring us to this question. How long is a thesis? The bad news is that you need to write a thesis with no specific number or size. But judging from the many thesis or dissertations that many Ph.D. holders have. The average number of words you need for the thesis is about eighty thousand to one hundred thousand words. And studying further, the number of pages that one needs to complete his dissertation is about two hundred pages. 

In an actual sense, the Length requirements that one needs to do his thesis depend on the university. The number of pages also depends on the topic that you are going to talk about. Many universities have different numbers of words that they require for the thesis to be complete. Most universities, colleges choose to go for a word count of the thesis of about one hundred thousand words. If you are still finding it difficult to get a suitable number, you can consult your lectures for thesis help. 

Differences in word count between universities

For those students who are doing Ph.D., the student will find out that the number of the words or pages for the thesis will depend on the university. The university, in this case, will allocate the number of words that they need for the student to write. In most cases, the universities will only give the maximum number of pages or word count. But they won’t concentrate on the minimum. 

Students need to explain their work in detail so they can choose to do the assignment the way they want it to be. The whole point here is that they have to make sure that they explain everything clearly in detail. It is basically for those universities that do not restrict the minimum amount of words. Your research will cover many things and topics do the lecturer will expect some large amount of information. So if you write little, you may end getting fewer marks for that.

Word count from past data

A certain professor researched to determine the length of the essays or thesis of various doctorate students. Several students were part of that surgery. The results were that the students’ essays were falling from eighty thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand. 

Analyzing one thousand Ph.D. thesis

Another professor carried out research, he sampled over one thousand theses, and he took to his library. He carried out this analysis between two thousand eight and two thousand seventeen. Here are the results on the average:

  • Number of pages were 204.
  • Median number of pages were about 198. 
  • Number of chapters were about 7.6.

Now all these details are about the bodies of the theses. It is quite hard to determine the number of words on a page. Most universities have a format that they follow. That is to say, font size 12points, font type Times new Romans, line spacing is about 1.5. So on average, the number of words that will appear on one main body alone is about Fifty-two thousand.

Non-stem vs. stem

An analysis showed that the non-stem thesis is longer than the stem thesis. The non-stem thesis is forty percent higher than words in stem thesis. 

Exceeding word count

Most universities have some restrictions when it comes to exceeding word count. You can exceed the word count – it is ok. But you need to have excellent and strong reasons that you need to do that you can exceed the number of words. 


Writing a Ph.D. thesis takes a lot of time, so if you are not sure of the words that the lecturer needs, you need to consult with your lectures.

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