Reduce Your Risk of Lung Cancer With Easy Home Radon Testing

Radon testing Cincinnati, Ohio can also give you the information you need to decide if your home is safe to live in. Radon gas testing Cincinnati, Ohio can give you the information you need to make your home safe and radon free. Radon testing is the only means to determine whether a house has a high level of radium. Radium is a naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust and consists of three different isotopes – Sr, Pb, and Cs. High levels of these isotopes produce lung cancer, as well as kidney, bladder, and bone diseases. Read more

3 Methods to Test for Radon

Radon testing is very easy to do and does not require the expertise or expensive tools that a qualified radon expert would have. Cheap do-it-yourself radon testing kits are now available online and in many hardware and home improvement stores. You may also want to hire a qualified radon expert to professionally test your property.

If you decide to conduct radon testing yourself, make sure you purchase an accurate device for measuring the concentration of radioactive substances in the home. The device should be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). A low-cost home radon testing kit will not provide accurate results. Most kits come with instructions, but it’s still best to be safe and discuss the matter with your radon expert if you are unsure.