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Nowadays, colleges are easier to get into than it was in the past. Regardless if you are a good student or not, all you’ll need are a few good grades, a few weeks of studying, and you’re good to go. Thanks to that, there are more college students now than ever.

This number of students gave rise to another business opportunity: essay writing services. And since all of them are appearing like mushrooms after the rain, it’s hard to differentiate the good ones from the bad ones. That’s why we need customer reviews; to warn us before doing something stupid. In that aspect, I decided to write ratings of StudyBay.

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Quality of the Study Bay Services

When it comes to analyzing the quality of a writing service, there are two things you usually keep in mind: the quality of the writing and the efficiency of the customer support.

First things first, the writers: works on a bidding system, which means that you basically put your topic on a list and the writers will make a bid for you. I chose a writer that asked for a price that wasn’t too low or too cheap (from experience, I know that those asking for low prices aren’t that experienced and are desperate for customers).

I had some questions regarding the paper and the writer, but at that point, the customer support was M.I.A. I could not contact them for answers, no matter how many times I tried.

On the day of the deadline, I received my paper – only to realize it was packed with grammatical errors and spelling issues. I tried to contact the customer support again to ask for a revision, and this time I actually got an answer. One problem, though: when I received the revised draft, nothing much changed. I have a strong feeling that their writers are either foreign or simply have not mastered the ability to write – even though their on-site testimonials praise their ability to write like “experts.”

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Study Bay Extras

As mentioned, Study Bay works on a bidding system – which means you choose the offering price that sounds most appealing to you. There are no given discounts – only ones that you discuss with the writer. Obviously, there is no promo code involved, nor are there any coupon codes to use.

You can also request for a plagiarism report from, but obviously, that’s paid. The only thing that’s free is the revision – but that’s only the first time, and only within the first 20 days.

The security also seems pretty good. The writers do not receive your information – therefore, if your professor happens to work for them, they won’t know it was you until (obviously) they read your paper. The money is not extracted either until the moment you receive the final draft.

My Verdict

While I do not believe Study Bay to be fraud or scam, I have serious concerns with their writing quality. It’s no wonder they have such a poor rating. As a result, my answer for them is “Nay.”

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