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EltaLearning is the place where we are sharing latest web technology news, Gadgets and technology related information. We pleased to invite guest authors and writers who are willing to become a part of EltaLearning writer team.

Why you should write for EltaLearning?

EltaLearning is popular tech blog where we write about web technology, search engine marketing, hot technology news, electronic gadget reviews and feedback, and other miscellaneous information. EltaLearning is a growing blog and having more than 3k unique visitors per month. At the time of wiring this article, Google page rank of this blog is #5.

Reward for participating as a Guest blogger:

You will get one link pointing to your relevant website from about author paragraph that will be posted at the end of each article. As our home page page rank is 5 and we are getting good amount of traffic, you will get Traffic, Link Juice, Readers Group and Exposure.

How to Submit Article:

Kindly write article that is best suited to theme of our blog and send it to info[at]EltaLearning.com in text, doc, or html format. We will post your article along with your author bio on first come first serve bases.

Guidelines for guest blogger:

  • Article format
    Article must have proper title, description, article body (minimum 300 words) and about author paragraph.
  • Self Promotion
    We are strictly against self promotional articles until and unless it is providing relevant information to our reader.
  • Affiliate or other links
    we are not allowing to use affiliate or other not relevant links in the article body.
  • Graphics, images or Videos
    Article with visual data like graphics, images or videos can have more chances to get quick approval. (note: images or videos must be royalty free, if you will steal image, videos from other copyright websites or blog or any medium, author of that article will be responsible for legal dispute, EltaLearning will not be responsible for any copyright related issues/claim on guest articles)
  • Copyright
    In case we found out that you have been copying post from somewhere. This will lead to instant ban and removal of all your blog posts and comments from eltalearning.
  • Comment
    Comments are the conversation and when your article is published. Try to answer any query related to your article via comments. This will give you more exposure and also help people.

Feel free to contact us for any query or suggestions at info[at]EltaLearning.com


We have stopped accepting guest post which are solely written to generate backlinks. If you can add some value to our blog and have quality content, send us for review. We may give link back to relevant page of your website. (here we do not promote non-relevant link building activities)