The lighter side of pregnancy

Getting pregnant can be a lot of fun! You know what I mean! But once you’re actually pregnant it can be quite scary and weird. But don’t worry this is normal and about half the people on the plant do it at least once! Did you know that everyone’s mother was pregnant previously? Ok, that’s pretty obvious. Here are some fun facts and stories about pregnancy.

There’s a lot that changes in your body, you will generally put on weight and parts of your body will get bigger or stretch. You are growing a small human being inside yourself after all and don’t forget you’re eating for two! You’ll find you’re also peeing a lot, so I guess you’re drinking and urinating for two as well!

There’s a lot of funny pregnancy memes out there. These are always good for raising your mood. You will also find that talking to other mums, especially those your age about what you’re going through, they’ll probably have lots of funny stories, like how their pregnancy brain made them do dumb things. Here are a few of my worst stories…

Once I put an onion in the cupboard with the pots and pans. I also burnt my hands in the oven because I forgot to use an oven mitt! I also threw out fresh cookies that my friend had just delivered to me as I had rubbish in my other hand! Oh man, I feel so dumb at times. I also keep putting random objects in the wrong cupboards, particularly the cooking spray under the sink with the cleaning products instead of in the pantry where we normally keep it. I’ve also left the juice in the cupboard with the glasses instead of back in the fridge. Luckily it was still good the next day.

Overall, getting to terms with the crazy side of what’s about to happen to you is quite important. Perhaps before planning kids, you should check out this article here. You’ve gotta learn to share and stay home more and all kinds of things like that if you’re about to have kids. Are you ready? I hope so! Good luck!