Company Registration Agents – Get The Best One

There are several people who are qualified to undertake the job of company registration. The secretary is responsible for the submission of all the formalities related to the company registration process. He is also responsible for all the correspondence that is sent to the government and for any enquiries that are received by the authorities in the country. Resource –

Private Limited Company Registration

If you want to hire a secretary, you can approach a secretary recruitment agency and get a number of applicants for your use. You can contact such agencies and ask for their quotes on the type of person that they are offering. If the person is more than experienced and skilled, he can be hired at less rates.

The secretary can also help you in the submission of the necessary documents that are required during the registration process. He can help you fill up the necessary documents that are needed for filing tax returns. After filling out the necessary documents, the secretary would submit all of them to the concerned authorities and file the necessary tax returns that would be used for the registration process. The secretary has to ensure that all documents that he submits are genuine.