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Ever felt like swallowing a bottle of pills to calm your headache at the mere sight of the assignments piled up on your desk? We’ve all been there. Luckily, nowadays there are many writing services on the Internet.

And from all of those, I’ve isolated, which could have been called Doesn’ And no, I’m not condescending for no reason. In fact, I’ll list you the grounds on which I founded my thesis. This is: review of GetEssayDone.

Bones I Have To Pick With This Service

“Are You Seeking Professionals, From Where You Can Ask, “Please Write My Essay For Me” With Affordability, as Your Task Is Hectic?” Sorry, what? That’s undoubtedly the most nauseating attempt of SEO I’ve ever seen in my life.

This entire review could consist of absolutely hysterical claims: “Our Writers Have The Power To Take Away Your Headaches And Nightmares”. And I’ve been using Tylenol all this time! Now the good stuff:

God forbid you order a paper from this disservice. Outdated references, awful formatting, faulty thesis statements and overall hideous quality have all found a home on Honestly, I don’t know why such companies are allowed to exist, not to mention cater to students.

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There are no customer reviews on the site (I wonder why). However, outside of it, I have yet to find a positive one. All papers are written at the last minute, they have no regards whatsoever to linguistic standards and GetEssayDone is analogous to a hub of illiterates.


The prices on are average. You can get certain discounts, the first one being a 15% with a promo code. Supposedly, there are coupon codes for referrals, but who needs to know how exactly you get them, right?

Get Essay Done is no fraud or scam, but it’s incompetent enough to make my blood boil. It doesn’t even deserve a rating, to be fair. “If your only shortcoming is not being able to put your thought on paper effectively, then you can breathe a sigh of relief.”

Again: what? Breathe a sigh of relief? What is that even supposed to mean? Moreover, some of the pages on the site are incomplete, although maybe this is a blessing since the content is so poorly written that I can’t stop laughing. Everything on is “hectic.”

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My Verdict

Awful, but funny awful, I have to give them that. I haven’t laughed so wholeheartedly in a while. I’m too hectic for that. Get Essay Done is one of those services that should be buried in a field somewhere very far away.

It’s simply too bad to even be considered working with. I really can’t believe something like this exists, or that people really fall for this. But now we also know what kind of customers this service has.

Hopefully, you won’t ever work with this. If you need more proof, be my guest and take a stroll on the site. And bring tissues.

review of GetEssayDone