Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will provide some information about top essay writing websites in the form of answers to common questions students put. If you’re a rookie, you’ll leave this thread a lot more informed than before.

Moreover, you’ll be able to tell which the best website for essay writing is on your own, without 3rd party help. Your critical prowess, as a consequence, will be enhanced.

1. Who exactly writes the papers?

Each essay writing service has a team of writers on board. They come from different backgrounds and manage to cover the entire spectrum of academic papers. Most of them have been students themselves, therefore they have a lot more expertise than you do.

As you might expect, there are good and bad writers out there. This leads to good and bad companies, of course. A top-tier writer will always deliver error-free papers on time. A mediocre one will let inconsistencies slip into the text more often than not.

2. Can I talk to whoever is writing my paper?

In most of the cases, yes, but it really depends on the policy of the company. Reputable companies work closely with their customers. The writers can be contacted 24/7 and have an active interest in finding whether or not a student is satisfied with the paper he’s ordered.

3. Is editing included?

Not necessarily. Some companies offer editing services, some other ones don’t. This is usually specified on a company’s website, so read everything carefully. There are companies specialized in editing.

Before you choose one, though, read some essay editing service reviews first. This way, you know which is worth it and which is anything but.

4. Is confidentiality a given?

Absolutely. If it weren’t, there would have been no writing service left. You can rest assured your name will never show up anywhere. Sometimes you don’t even need to give out your name.

Just create a brand-new e-mail address with a persona and there you go. If we’re talking about the confidentiality of personal information – that should not even exist! Why? Because these services are not supposed to ask for it.

Whenever you’re dealing with a company that seems to have a wild interest in acquiring your personal information, don’t do the mistake of handing it to them. You might end up with incessant spamming or in worst case scenarios, emptied accounts.

5. Is non-plagiarism ensured?

Sadly, no. Only reputable companies are able to vouch their papers won’t be plagiarized and truly keep their end up. More obscure services are often a source of plagiarized works. Take a few minutes out of your time to check a company’s reviews.

If there’s any evidence that students got plagiarized papers, start looking for help elsewhere.

6. Does the paper belong to me?

Obviously. You’ve paid for it so you’re free to do whatever you want with it. There is no copyright in this circumstance. Even though most companies keep written papers in a large database to keep track of them, it won’t be sent to anybody else.

Keeping record helps the company avoid plagiarism.