What is a better value, fixing your broken laptop or buying a new one

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1A laptop has become an essential part of people’s lives whether they have to complete some work or interact throughout social media. One of the most important questions that laptop users will eventually have to face is whether to replace the laptop completely or repair it. You will want to choose the most inexpensive method.

The first step that should be taken is determining and pinpointing the exact problem. Different parts in the laptop vary in price so if it is a small complication than it would be more affordable to replace the part. If you cannot determine the exact reason than a repair shop should be consulted. Keep in mind that a consultation can cost up to $70 dollars. The diagnostic will give you an idea on whether it will be worth the money.

There are a couple of questions that can help you decide whether fixing a broken laptop will be worth it.

  1. How much will the new laptop cost? If the price of fixing the laptop is about 1/3rd the price of a new laptop than it would be better to purchase a brand new laptop. It would be better not to repair the laptop if the repair costs are too high.
  2. How old is the laptop? If the laptop is more than 5 years old than it is recommended that the repair not take place.
  3. Which part will need to be replaced? If a logic board gets damaged than it would be best to not follow through with the repair. If the hard drive gets damaged than the repair might be worth it.
  4. Will the warranty cover the costs? If you need the repair within the warranty time frame than it would be best to get the repair. You should never spend money on the laptop unless you know the warranty has ended.

If you decide to repair the laptop than a few questions will help you out:

  1. What will be the warranty for the repairs? Most repairs will have a warranty of 90 days but you should be able to negotiate some different terms.
  2. How long will it take to fix? If it will take too much time to repair and you cannot survive for that time frame than it should not be repaired.
  3. Will the files be backed up? It is important to ask this question so that you do not lose your programs and files.

Whether you decide to buy a new laptop or repair an existing one, it is best to always choose the option that is most affordable.

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