Top 5 Fundamental Smartphone Apps for Busy College Students

Many instructors lament the advent of smartphones because of the popularity of admitted time-wasting applications like Angry Birds and Draw Something among college students across the country. Although there are certainly a sea of essentially useless apps that students must wade through to find something of real educational merit, these academic apps still exist and can actually help students stay organized and perform better in the classroom.

Whether you’re enrolled in an online education program or a traditional institution, becoming familiar with education-enhancing technologies is the best way to improve your studying skills and prepare for the technology-centered professional world ahead. For those who aren’t yet convinced of the educational potential of smartphone apps, consider the following list of top five most beneficial applications for students.

1. 100 Words Almost Everyone Mispronounces.

As a college student, you’re likely to come across at least five new vocab words per day, both in class and during personal study sessions. Although you may get away with applying your new vocabulary to research papers, you might want to double check your assumptions before putting yourself on the line in your next student discussion. The app 100 Words Almost Everyone Mispronounces is a fun way to check tricky words that can have any student fumbling for the correct pronunciation. You can access any of the words listed wherever you are, with no Internet connection necessary.


While you’re learning how to pronounce some of the more complex words in your college reading materials, it might help to know what they mean. is a free app that allows students complete access to more than one million words and definitions and almost 100,000 synonyms and antonyms. The app also features word origin, history, and an innovative voice-to-text search that makes discovering the meaning of a new word easier than ever.

3. Google Groups.

You can’t go wrong when downloading any of Google’s selection of educational apps, but perhaps the most valuable choice for college students is Google Groups. For study buddies, group projects, and tutoring sessions, Google Groups is a great tool for making all of your work accessible to those that you authorize. This highly convenient app allows students to easily collaborate and edit schoolwork quickly, while maintaining an effective flow of communication. For online students especially, this app is great for getting a group of students together and communicating with professors when in-person study sessions aren’t an option.

4. iStudiez Pro.

No, it’s not another LolCats meme– iStudiez Pro is actually a highly effective app for organizing class schedules and staying on top of important assignments. Known as CoursePro for Android devices, the app is considered the “sophisticated student’s planner.” It includes a smart summary feature that details all of the classes and other obligations you have for the day, along with an assignment review component that allows students manage homework and assignments by recording due dates, courses, priority and even grades received. The app even features cloud sync, interactive calendar, GPA calculator, notifications, and more to keep you in-check until graduation.

5. gFlash+.

The idea of flashcards may seem like an obsolete study method compared to all of the educational technologies available, but gFlash+ enhances your favorite grade school method of self-testing by making it accessible in a convenient app. The app includes a wide selection of images, text, and even foreign language characters to help you test your knowledge and skills in virtually any class. Students can create flashcards to quiz classmates or conduct self-study sessions during down time. The app even includes a randomized multiple-choice feature to raise the difficulty level.

Many students find that the college experience is made easier and more enriching with the addition of modern technological tools. In fact, a growing number of students are choosing online college alternatives to virtualize the entire learning experience. American InterContinental University even offers its own school-specific app that allows AIU students to access course materials and more.

Whether you attend a traditional institution or an Internet-based institute of higher learning, remember that including some level of technology into your learning habits will not only improve your performance now, but will help you succeed in the technological direction that the professional world is headed as well.

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