Theodolite 3.1 – Announced for iPhone 5 & iOS 6

Theodolite 3.1 iphone application

Theodolite 3.1 – an improved navigation app is recently introduced for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Apple iPhone 5 is also equipped with this latest application. This app functions like a zoom camera, GPS, compass, two-axis inclinometer, map and rangefinder. Want to get real information about a particular location? This is the right app for you. Theodolite provides you genuine information about range, position, altitude, position, bearing and inclination of live camera images.

Theodolite 3.1 on iPhone 5

Theodolite is also optimized for the latest iPhone from Apple. This app on the big screen of iPhone 5 will offer you greater facility for onscreen display and control and wider panorama. This is not the end. The app will provide you with map markers having real-time heading and distance, team tracking, SLR camera with exposure indicator and focused prism, changeable 4X-24X rangefinder scope and advanced management of UTM and MGRS position look-ups.

The feature of team tracking is developed in such a way that it offers reliable and simple operation with minimum impact on the battery life of your iPhone 5. This app can be rightly used by a specific group of professionals – the rescue and search team, sportsmen, military personnel, engineers, architects, geologists and surveyors. You can take screen movies, movies, screenshots and geo-tagged camera images directly from this app.

This app is not limited to the above professional group only. Serious users can also gain much help from this app. Theodolite features a calculator for position, heading, distance, relative angles and height. System-wide clipboard, email export having KML data, optical rangefinder, mil compass readout together with colored lens filter are some of the other augmented features of this iPhone 5 app.

The list of features of Theodolite is endless….

How can Theodolite help the users?    

Having Theodolite installed in your iPhone 5, you can handle custom markers on in-built map having hybrid modes, satellite and standard mode, bearings and compass rose. You also have the facility of sharing map markers through emails and texts. Using this app, you can try some collaborative uses including tactical observation, marking wild fires, investigating accidents and so on.

Get Theodolite 3.1 and take the privilege of using a range of developed features!

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