Infographic Resume – Is it the way forward?

Infographic ResumeCreating Infographic resumes is the latest style followed by job seekers. With the high rate of unemployment every job seeker strives hard to make their resume unique so that they stand out in an interview. It is well understood that your resume is the first guide that you give an employer to know more about you and your skill sets. Piles of papers with loads of details will most probably be boring to read and in today’s competitive world, it is more likely for an employer to reject your resume without even taking time to read it.One main reason for this is time, but you can overcome this by simply thinking out of the box. Creating infographic resumes is the simple solution.

Infographic resumes are nothing but brightly colored and quirky notes which have loads of important information that can be easily read. They should be presented ina simple and elegant manner making it pleasing to the eyes of the employer.Dare to be different and create your own infographic resume so that you can win in this competitive world. So, how to create a unique infographic resume?


Your hand written resume or printed resume might have plenty of information which is actually not needed. Take a deep look into it and pick the most

vital points which will never miss an employer’s eye. Plan before hand and decide on what you like to display on the resume. Keep the information simple and maintain the perfect balance between graphics and text.The trick here is to display all the important details in graphics and the not so important ones as texts. If you intend to fit all the details in to the infographic resume, I would say it is a bad idea. This kind of resume has to be concise, visually appealing and readable. You can highlight your achievements and make them bold making it clearly visible to the naked eyes.

Digital or Print Medium

If you decide to print your infographic resume, you can be unique and the design is left to your imagination. All you need to do is to plan if the resume will look good on paper. If you intend to go with digital there are several factors that needs to be focused

  • The amount of space that your resume will occupy onscreen and how will your resume look onscreen
  • The screen size of multiple devices

If you like to paste the resume on your own website you can make things work your way by adding a few fixed links to past employers, social media platforms, references and others.

Style and Color

You might be confused with plenty of style and design ideas that cross your mind every now and then. To stay away from this confusion select a particular design so that you can convey the message of your resume clearly. If you make it look stuffy, the infographic resume is sure to be a failure. Pick designs and styles that reflect your position and personality that you hold in your professional life. Since, this is a professional resume color combinations does not play an important role in infographic resumes. However, when you are designing for the first timecolor combinations might help you. Settle down for complimentary colors rather than vibrant colors.This adds the extra beauty to your resume.

There are some tools which help you to create infographic resumes. Tools like, Brazen Careerist Facebook App,, ResumUp and other tools can be utilized. If you think about handing over the responsibility of creating an infographic resume to a designer, you are mistaken. You need to realize the fact that, this is your resume which requires your effort to exhibit the skills and talents. It might consume more time than the traditional resumes, but it is definitely worth spending.

There is no doubt that infographic resumes are highly popular but if you are not positive about its outcome, it is best suggested to stay away from it. Infographic resumes are documents which sell your skill sets to an employer. So design them perfectly and earn that job which you longed for a lifetime.

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